Meet the Oliver Electric Team

Oliver Electric Construction, Inc. is a full-service electrical design and construction firm dedicated to the success of our clients. We are located in Lawrence, Kansas, and have been providing services throughout the Kansas City metro area for over 30 years. The Oliver’s have deep roots in Kansas, close ties to the community in which we live and work and have always been intimately connected to the daily operations of the company.

We choose to operate our business knowing that it’s our name on the door.

Deidre Oliver, Owner

As the co-owner and operator of Oliver Electric for 30 years, Deidre’s goal is to continue the organization’s growth and improve bottom-line performance by operating differently than the average contractor. Day-to-day responsibilities include developing meaningful relationships with other business owners, customers and employees. Deidre’s vision is to continue a reputation and legacy in the Lawrence/Kansas City area that promotes the economic, social and environmental health of our communities. Promoting sustainable electrical practices and sharing the cost benefits and viability of green energy options with business owners is a priority. When she’s not in the office, Deidre enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and gardening with her husband of 40 years.

Jeffrey Oliver, President
Quite often, following in your father’s footsteps can be a perilous journey – and it’s not always successful. Then there are those rare, priceless exceptions; when a son takes up the mantle his father has so carefully handed over. A reputation for hard work built by a larger than life personality, Robert Oliver was known in the community for over 35 years as one of the most trustworthy and one of the most generous. Robert is fortunate to have had his son succeed him in business but they also shared the inherent qualities that have always made Oliver such a success – insisting on the open and fair treatment of folks from all walks of life and a willingness to always use their considerable talent, knowledge and skill for the benefit of others.
Proud and loving son of OEC founders, Robert and Deidre Oliver, Jeff Oliver has learned the business the old fashioned way. In fact, working alongside his father and the same journeymen that his father had started the business with, he was brought up within the company and has learned the valuable skills and knowledge that have helped to build our community and make it such a success.
After ten years in the field and another ten years in management, Jeff took on the responsibilities of his father. The same tight knit group that built Oliver Electric continues to build the same legacy for honest work, playful generosity and a willingness to reach out and help those who require something more than ‘just’ an electrical contractor.
“After all” Jeff says, “If you can’t use your super powers for good, then why bother having them?”
Jeff is responsible for the overall daily operations that keep his family’s original mandate and mission on track, he has a special knack for customer relations and his prowess at sizing up a large design-build project is legendary. With the energy that a second generation can bring to a company and with the sense of earnestness, caring and responsibility that come with filling your father’s shoes, Jeff has his experienced and practiced eye on the future of his company’s legacy and reputation – and all, while wearing his heart on his sleeve.

…But you didn’t hear that last bit from us.

Todd Love – Vice President, EE

VP and EE, Todd helps to keep the company engine running. Key to developing long-term strategic plans and sales, Todd also manages design-build efforts, provides estimates and program management. An MIT graduate for Electrical Engineering, he has held master electrical contractor licenses in over 23 states and is co-author of several patents. Prior to Oliver Electric, Todd owned and operated Tesla Electric Company, Inc. for over 15 years and was a successful commercial electrical contractor, consultant and machinist. He has been involved in the electronics and electrical industry for over 33 years. Interests include a fabrication studio and machine shop where he creates art, architectural elements and custom lighting fixtures. When he’s not working, he’s well… working. 

Marissa Kokhanovsky – Accounting Mgr.
Marissa is the Accounting/Office Manager and Executive Assistant. She’s responsible for developing, maintaining and processing accounting principles, practices and procedures for the company. She assists the executive staff and project managers on all the day-to-day operations and keeps everyone in line. Marissa earned her Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, but she’s not all numbers. Marissa is an artist with a camera, loves to take photographs and is a whiz with Photoshop and graphics programs. Every chance she gets she heads for Cajun Country to spend time with her family. Marissa’s chicken and sausage gumbo (and rice krispie treats) are a favorite around the Oliver office.

Zachary Love – Shop Foreman

Great guy,  joins in the fun.. known as “The Machine” for his work ethic, ’nuff said.