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The new 20,000 square foot warehouse for Western Extralite is the first LEED Certified privately owned and operated project in Lawrence, Kansas. The new facility has several “green” firsts for Lawrence. The building received LEED Silver certification from the U.S. Green Building Council for meeting stringent construction and design standards.

Western Extralite Regional Vice President Mike Higgins: “The energy consumption in our new 20,000 square foot space is similar to that of our old 12,000 square foot building. In typical commercial facilities, more than 40 percent of electricity is used for lighting. Our building is a showcase for energy saving solutions, which allows us to educate customers about the products we offer that can help them replicate our energy savings.”

Bright, but low wattage parking lot lights, typical of those used at NASA facilities, prevent light from bleeding into the night sky and bordering areas. In the new warehouse skylights flood the space with enough natural light, that on sunny days no additional lighting is needed which saves thousands of dollars a year in energy costs.

The new offices use innovative lighting solutions to dramatically reduce energy consumption. Occupancy sensors in the offices automatically turn lights on to a half bright level when a person enters. If full light level is needed, the occupant flips on the switch. After a set period with no activity, the lights automatically turn off. “This leads to big savings compared to turning lights on full bright every time someone enters a room,” Higgins says.

In addition to the energy savings afforded by innovative lighting, the new space has zoned heating and cooling provided by a system that meets the requirements for LEED certified refrigerants. It’s unlikely another such system is operating in Lawrence.

Western Extralite’s facilities are Lawrence’s most environmentally conscientious building and Oliver Electric was there to help make it happen.